Health & Safety

Sterilization,  Air Quality, and Covid-19

Sterilization center by Midmark in the Williston Road Family Dental office

At Williston Road Family Dental our  top priority is the health and safety of our patients.  

Our new dental home has a state of the art sterilization center by Midmark.  It includes a top of the line Hydrim instrument dishwasher, an M11 Autoclave and a Statum 5000.  We log each load that goes through the sterile area and record instruments used for each procedure.  A spore test is run weekly to ensure that each piece of equipment is performing up to standard.  Please ask for a tour of this area at your visit!

Relax and Breath Easy!

In 2020 air quality became a top priority in creating a safe, healthy space.  There are many ways to create excellent air quality.  We are lucky to have a state of the art air handling system by Thomas Mechanical for our patients to be able to breath easily.  This system pumps in fresh air, brings it to a proper temperature then utilizes one way valves in each room to direct used air outside and maintain the freshest air inside for the utmost safety of our patients. 

In regards to Covid-19 specific protocol;  we follow the current CDC guidelines for healthcare.  Please call if you have questions regarding current protocol in our office. 

β€œIt is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”

– Mahatma Gandhi